Three Ring Circus

Senior living at The Terrace has been a three ring circus this week —literally!  The circus rolled into The Terrace complete with a dashing ringmaster yielding a whip along with cages of lions, tigers, elephants and even a huge gorilla !  A cute clown wound through the crowd as he entertained residents and their grandchildren with clever balloon  creations.  All of us enjoyed fresh popcorn as we watched the dogs in the center ring do their dance routine.  Some danced with their masters while others jumped through hoops.  All were dressed in colorful attire; one was as cute as the other!  You simply couldn’t help but smile and laugh at their antics!

We ate circus food under the dining room Big Top.  I hadn’t eaten a corn dog since I was a kid.  My neighbor’s daughter had a foot long hot dog, and she ate the whole thing!  All in all, it was a fun way to enjoy a hot summer day!

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