Get Fit at The Terrace

Life at The Terrace is senior living at its best!  There is always some activity going on or some special event scheduled, which often involves delicious Terrace food. That’s why you’ll either find me in The Terrace gym using one of the exercise machines or attending one of the daily exercise classes.  Some of the popular machines found at our gym include a Nustep, an elliptical machine, a treadmill and a Schwinn airdyne.  I have to race my exercise buddy to grab the Nustep!  On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, we have a well attended morning exercise class which can be enjoyed by residents with all fitness levels; it uses hand weights and stretching exercises.  But my personal favorite is the Senior Salsa…. It gets me moving ‘n shaking and usually involves a good deal of laughter and fun!  Well, I must go … gotta keep my “get up ‘n go” a ‘going!  I don’t want to miss a moment of fun at The Terrace.

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