The Holidays at The Terrace

When I first moved into The Terrace this fall, I was worried that I would miss celebrating the holidays in my house of 30 years.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I didn’t miss one bit spending two days preparing Thanksgiving dinner (our family of 5 enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal here at The Terrace),  and I was so thankful to skip all the work getting ready for Christmas.  I didn’t have to fight with Christmas lights or scoop snow off the sidewalk so company could get to my front door or bake a million cookies. I just sat back and enjoyed all the holiday festivities here at The Terrace!

I had heard from friends who already lived at The Terrace that Christmas here was wonderful.  They did not exaggerate!  The decorations were beautiful, and I didn’t have to worry about putting them away at the end of the season. The huge Christmas tree in the living room area was absolutely exquisite.  Many residents had their picture taken in front of it. (I now have next year’s Christmas card !)  The place was bustling with various holiday activities — numerous choirs in Columbia shared their holiday cheer; a ukulele band played festive songs; piano music was frequently enjoyed; the folk music duo of Dave Para and Cathy Barton was a big hit; the Terrace Staff Holiday show made me laugh ‘til I cried (see its own blog that follows)  and then there was the unbelievable Terrace holiday party given for all the residents and their families.  The food was spectacular. There was a 3’ Christmas tree made of delicious fresh fruit, cherries jubilee, chocolate fountains and a BIG table full of tempting desserts!  I’ve never seen my son eat so much!  My family loved it, and I didn’t have to clean up the kitchen afterwards!  It’s true; senior living at Terrace just can’t be beat!

Oh, by the way, I must confess.  I DID bake some homemade cookies in the first floor common kitchen oven for my grandchildren and added four dozen more for all my new Terrace friends!  Life is good.

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