Good Friends Relieve the Winter Blahs

I used to dread the days after the holidays.  I would find myself “in the dumps” each and every January, especially since my spouse passed away.  The holidays themselves were wonderful — full of fun activities with my family.  But, mid-winter was a different story.  The family all returned to their work and school schedules, and often bad weather left me homebound. It was a very lonely time for me.

Now that I live at The Terrace, all that sadness is behind me! I have made lots of friends, and there is always something to do if I choose to participate. It’s easy to find a card game in progress or someone shooting pool, but my favorite activity is just sitting around one of the tables by the fireplace with some of the guys who have become my good friends. We enjoy several cups of coffee while we discuss Tiger sports, solve the world’s problems, and even chuckle at each other’s jokes.  The days of being lonely are over.  Retirement life at The Terrace is GREAT!

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