Two sisters reading a book in the Terrace Retirement library

National Sisters Day: The Bond of Sisters

National Sisters Day is in August. Take a moment to celebrate the sisters and friends in your life. This means anyone from biological sisters, half-sisters, or sisters-in-law. It’s important to be able to appreciate these women in your life. Brothers who have sisters can also join in this appreciation. The bond of a sibling is an unexplainable friendship that can last through time.

A gif of two women say sister, sisterAs Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen said in White Christmas “Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters. Those who’ve seen us know that not a thing can come between us.”

There’s something special about the bond of sisterhood. They can be there to get you out of trouble or get you into it. While some may not live with their sisters anymore there are still many ways to bond with them. At the Terrace Retirement Community, we are a family. We have family members that live at the Terrace and friends that are our adopted family. 

Start a Small Book Club! 

Sharing a book with one another, perhaps a favorite you both share or a new one you think the other would enjoy is a great way to bond. Even if you’re not able to meet in person, reading separately and talking over the phone or video for a special sisters ‘Book Club’ can be enjoyable as well as easy to work around each other’s schedules. 

Spend Time with Your Sister

Three senior asian sisters reading on a cell phone

Take time to visit with them, whether that is in person at a diner downtown or giving them a call so you can chat for hours. Just let your sister know how much they mean to you. Taking them out for their favorite meal or bonding over various things they’ve done recently in their lives can be fun and even introduce one of you to something new. Make sure to walk a moment in their shoes, and listen to what they have to say to show how much you appreciate them in your life. 

The Bond of Blood Isn’t The Only Sisterhood

A Senior making a happy phone callThe bond of sisters who aren’t blood-related can be just as important. There is something that can’t be denied when explaining how the group of girls you grew up knowing became the sisters you never had. You still treat one another as family and nothing can break a beautiful bond like that. 

Sisters of all types, be it blood, half, in-law, or friendship are some of the most important bonds you can make in life. There’s nothing comparable to the love of a sibling and the love sisters can have for one another. Take time every day to really show your sister or sisters that you appreciate them and the life they’ve helped shape with you. 

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