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Independent Lifestyle: 3 Ways To Restyle Your Living Space

If you’re ever feeling like you need an energy boost or you simply want a change of scenery, recreating your living space can help not only your mind but create a fresh balance of life. Restyling your home can be exciting and a wonderful way to channel your creativity through design. While the overwhelming aspects of design might look tiresome, knowing where to begin is the first and easiest step.

Terrace apartments restyling the living room space by adding red chairs

A Good Starting Point

To make your home more relaxing, begin with choosing neutral colors and textures. Picking neutral colors will allow the texture of your fabrics to shine through. Cushions and throws are a perfect and simple starting point that can add warmth and coziness. You’re allowed to have fun with them, using them to add pops of color to the space. It’s also important to pay attention to textiles and how they create softness and depth to the room. 

Placement and Structure of Furniture

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Before buying the whole showcase at your local home store, consider rearranging the furniture you already own. This is a cheap and easy way that will give your living space a wonderfully fresh atmosphere. If all you have is a sofa in your living room, adding setting chairs is a great way to create a social setting to entertain. 

Styling other furniture like a fireplace or a coffee table is a great creative outlet. When it comes to a nonfunctional fireplace, use its sculptural structure to your advantage. This is a great way to highlight objects on the mantle or within the fireplace itself. Coffee tables can be styled similarly, using objects to highlight the structure of the table. Make sure to choose objects, whether functional or not, that match or mirror the style of your table.

Channeling Your Creativity Through Art

Depending on how you want the space to feel, artwork, both on the walls and in the room, can play a large part in livening the atmosphere. Hang flat artwork in relation to the molding, if there is any, and the shape of your walls. Leaving empty space around the art can frame it in a way that cluttering it up with other pieces can’t. A minimalistic approach is a great way to showcase the layout of your walls. 

Natural elements like flowers or plants are not only great for stunning pieces that add a pop of color but they also can add life to your space. Plants, especially real ones, can reduce stress, be therapeutic, and clean your air, literally freshening up your home.

Accent Pieces to Showcase

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Having beautiful pieces isn’t as hard to find as you might think. Using simple objects like light fixtures can be both sculptural and give you multiple levels of lighting. This is a great way to highlight any artwork or furniture pieces you are most proud of. One of the best things you can add to any space is the addition of a signature piece. This can be either non-functional or something useful, but it’s a wonderful way to show your personality and style.

Finding the perfect items to add to your home may come from anywhere. To add a personal touch to your space, decorate with use items you have on hand that have special memories to you and your family. Painting, rearranging furniture, decluttering, and organizing the space are a few simple steps that create new energy and give the room an updated look. Have fun with the space.

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