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Traveling in Missouri: 3 Fun Attractions for Retirees

While not everyone prefers the cozy living that Missouri has to offer, anyone thinking of retiring should consider it. There are so many things retirees can discover and explore in Missouri, things some people may not know about. Many people of the younger generation may not see its beauty which only benefits older adults, enabling them to retire without hassle. Missouri is a wonderful place for adults to enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

Lower Costs

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Living in Missouri is a much better option than most states simply for the fact that the cost of living is, on average, 10% lower than the national average. A dollar can go a long way, especially when applied to activities and sights in Missouri. Retirees commonly find themselves living in much more pricey areas but living in Missouri means that you can live out a lifestyle with quality. 

Missouri’s Wine Culture

It’s not as commonly known unless you live in the midwest but Missouri is a wonderful place to find quality Wineries. It is filled with a thriving wine culture from Augusta to Rocheport, both the scenery and wine are nothing but divine. The selections in the local wineries of Missouri are amazing. There is a unique flavor to the local Norton Grape that can’t be found anywhere else. Visiting Missouri wineries for their wine or their sights is a wonderful way to spend a weekend. It can relax and soothe the soul and should be at the top of any retiree’s list of activities to do in Missouri. 

Retired Seniors out for a walk in Columbia, MOWalk with Nature

One of the better-known things to do in Missouri is to enjoy the vast expanse of nature the state has to offer. There’s an unexplainable feeling when you’re sitting by the Missouri River enjoying a cool fall breeze or local music being played at the riverside Coopers Landing. There are endless trails to discover and each is more beautiful than the next. It’s easy to stay fit and healthy while entertaining yourself with the surrounding scenic routes that Missouri has to offer. Rolling hills, lush trees, and quiet rippling streams are easier to find than any local gym. The neighboring wildlife like deer and other furry woodland creatures can encourage life within anyone. You may encounter birds flying overhead as well as the majestic hawk. Columbia, MO, and its neighboring towns have numerous trails to choose from like the Katy Trail, which can be more than enough to convince anyone to stay. 

Attractions & Sights

Missouri has many historical attractions and unique curiosities. There is no shortage of history in the heart of Missouri. Hannibal Missouri is one of the many attractions that people from all over the country drive to see. Surrounded by the setting for Mark Twain’s famous Tom Sawyer, there are various caves, buildings, and antique stores to visit. 

True False Film Festival viewing in downtown CoMo

St. Louis has its historical charm as well, including the famous River Arch, amazing museums, and delicious eateries. Columbia is a great in-between, with the combination of a small town community and big city attractions. Home to the Mizzou Tigers and the True/False Film Festival, Columbia attracts visitors from all walks of life. 

Overall, Missouri is a wonderful place to visit and live. High on the list of places to retire.

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