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When to Move to an Independent Living Community

Independent living is a great option for keeping older adults safe and social. Because everyone is unique, some people may display clear signs that it’s time for a higher level of care, and others may not. So how do you know when you or your loved one could benefit from being in a retirement community? No two situations are entirely alike, and there are many factors to weigh when considering moving to independent living. 

Signs It’s Time to Move to a Retirement Community 

Consider one’s daily schedule, functional abilities, health status, current and future care needs, and quality of life. These things can help give us a clue as to when the time is right for a move. Independent living communities are designed for older adults who can still live on their own and who don’t require assistance with activities of daily living, but can benefit from an environment that is safe and social. 

Frequent Accidents and Falls 

If you notice bruises or scrapes, or if there is a fall, the home may not be designed with senior safety in mind. Think back on the past year and ask yourself, have you made two or more trips to the hospital due to a fall or an accident? Moving to an independent living community where bedrooms and communal areas are arranged for safety can be a huge relief. If you or your loved one is far beyond this point and needs a medical staff frequently then assisted living may be recommended instead of independent. (See our blog “What Is the Difference Between Independent and Assisted Living?”)

A group of seniors smiling for the camera.You Want to Expand Your Social Circle 

Too much isolation can be harmful to health, and as one gets older, social circles tend to become smaller. Moving to a senior living community is a great way to meet new people and remain socially active. At the Terrace, we offer a variety of activities that are a great way to comfortably expand your social group and have fun at the same time. Check out some of our activities:

Struggles Maintaining the House

Monitor changes in one’s household routine. If sweeping was part of a daily chores list but you’re seeing dust and dirt building up, it could be a sign that minimizing housework is a good idea. Living in a community where you have less responsibility for keeping a large space clean can be a huge relief and revive the spirit with newfound freedom. 

A salmon, cheesy baked potato and asparagus dinner at the Terrace Retirement Community restaurant. You Want to Eat Well and Cook Just for Fun 

Cooking can be a joy – if you want to do it. Living in a retirement community gives you the option to take the stress out of meals. Eating in a restaurant with friends can be a wonderful part of your day, but if you choose, you can stay in and have your favorite homemade meal while watching TV. The residents here at the Terrace rave about the food, explore our dining options:

Enjoy the Benefits of Community Living 

Transitioning how you live can be the start of a wonderful new chapter in life. Enjoy the golden years, relieve daily stressors, and have fun! The Terrace Retirement Community makes it convenient to do the things you love, empowers you to take control of your life, and helps you feel your happiest and healthiest—no matter your age! We are committed to providing the best services, amenities, and living spaces of any senior living community. 

If you have any questions, please contact Linette Beaman at 573-875-2538.

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