Technology is a vital part of communication in today’s world. Whether it’s with our smartphones, laptops, or our television sets, often times we are met with daily struggles in learning how to use each device. At the Terrace, we offer special seminars for our residents to learn how to use their new age devices and how to improve or troubleshoot minor problems. This month’s topic is revolved around internet safety.

Unfortunately, scammers and hackers are out there and usually prey upon the elderly. Today, I am giving a class on internet safety and considerations when online: how to shop safely, how to avoid being hacked, and how to protect your personal information. This seminar is completely optional, but those who are tech savvy or wish to be more fluent are encouraged to attend. Packets will be available with all the information for future reference, along with the introduction of a new tech to assist our residents.

Usually, our residents are pretty tech savvy however, it never fails that something can go wrong. Our Tech Team is able to assist with account issues, virus removal, preventative measures,  password changes, router resets, hardware/software malfunctions, installation of new devices, and backup support. Our residents know they can depend on us. Without fail we have fixed every error that has occurred, and we take pride in that.

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