Terrace Retirement Community residents exercise on the workout equipment available in the Terrace on-site gym.

Independent Living will require you exercise

Getting older doesn’t mean you should live like it. Independent living however might require some due diligence and effort. Eating right and exercise daily is an absolute must. When it comes to exercise, the focus should be overall fitness. This means that you must perform exercises that focus on strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic activity. Try the following exercises as often as possible and remember to not over exert yourself, however pushing your limits is always a good thing.


There are plenty of low impact exercises that help increase blood flow and if you plan on having a future of independent living, they are important to be maintained. First on the list is simple and often overlooked, walking. Making sure that you have at least one to two long walks each day will help ensure that your joints remain active. Walking will help keep your blood flowing and helps keep lungs healthy. Walking is also an exercise that can easily be tracked. By keeping careful benchmarks, you can measure your progress.


There is a reason why so many independent living facilities have swimming pools. Swimming helps take the stress off joints, while exercising your muscles. Added benefits include flexibility and endurance. Swimming is one of those exercises that is fun, so you tend to lose sight of just how much effort your body is exerting. It helps strengthen legs, arms, back and shoulders. Swimming also helps many women slow down bone loss. So, if you are afforded an opportunity, swimming a few laps in the pool might be a good idea.


With age, weight becomes harder and harder to lose. Yoga helps stimulate much of the body in ways that are very hard to do with traditional exercises. One of the benefits of yoga, particularly with those that are advancing in years, is balance. By practicing proper balance and flexibility, joints become stronger and balance increases. This inevitably helps avoid injury as well as helps the body heal faster. Another benefit is that yoga helps strengthen the respiratory system. Through breathing exercises and stretches, oxygen efficiency improves. Over time blood pressure decreases, anxiety levels are reduced and overall health is improved.

Chair Exercises

Not all exercises need to be done standing up. After all, those that might be confined to a wheelchair need proper exercise as well. Exercises such as arm circles, shoulder roles, tummy twists and seated rows are all things you can do to exercise while from the seated position. By at least keeping your blood flowing and keeping constant movement, you can increase your health condition. These exercises help decrease the possibility of falling, general self-injury and help increase independent living.

Many of us believe that when we reach a certain age, exercise will no longer matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Constant exercise and proper nutrition can not only extend life, but increase the quality of that life. By keeping active and consulting with a doctor often, you can soon develop a workout routine best suited for you.


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