As we age, we realize the importance of everyone around us and the people we meet. It seems that everything affects us; right down to the nitty gritty details. In order to start our new year off with a bang, we offer exciting activities exclusively for the Terrace. As one of our new activities for 2017, our residents have decided the main topic for the research group will be about their own lives. They have chosen to pick a point in their life to start and continue writing about their experiences growing up, their family details, and all sorts of wonderful childhood stories.

I was lucky enough to type up some of these great stories, which really gave me an insight as an employee of the Terrace. Our residents are very special to us, reading their stories makes them more like family, to me. I know I speak for everyone when I say the Terrace isn’t just another place to live (or work in my personal experience), but the Terrace is a place to call home. Everyone is surrounded by our friendly staff and the new friends they’ve made; with the warmth of a roaring fire in our grand living room and the smells of dinner wafting through the air.

It’s very common as a new resident, to find other residents they used to know or work with from a long time ago. The joy in their eyes or the booming of laugh is a reminder that we are all here to make the best of the new year, and thoroughly enough the company we share with one another. So we ask that you do the same as our residents, and ring in the New Year with some cheer: make new friends, have a glass of wine from the pub, and just take the chance, to not only live at the Terrace but LOVE to live with US.

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