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3 Fun Online Games for Staying Connected

Let’s have some fun. Online fun! 

As we age, staying connected with family members can be difficult – especially if they live far away.  That’s no reason, however, to not put in the effort. What better way to keep in touch than by scheduling a game night? Family game night is in the palms of our hands thanks to online games. You can play with your sons, daughters, or grandkids anytime and anywhere. While it may seem all fun and games, there are mental health benefits in staying connected with your loved ones. 

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We are social creatures by nature and it’s important to connect to one another, whether that be in person or online. Keep this in mind as

 it comes time to retire and select a senior living community. Find the balance where you can live an independent lifestyle that allows the freedom to explore a variety of interests. The residents at the Terrace Retirement Community are offered many opportunities for daily social interaction along with many amenities at your disposal such as the computer lab. There’s plenty of computer games for seniors along with apps that can be easily downloaded and played on a smartphone. 

There are hundreds of online games and apps to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to just 3 fun games for family gamenight. These games can be played from the comfort of your own home on a computer or personal smartphone. The best part is that the three we are focusing on are easily accessible to users. 

       1. Facebook – Words With Friends

If you love Scrabble or puzzles, then this is the game for you! Compete to see who can spell the best word for the most points. Words with Friends can help sharpen your mind and vocabulary. This game requires both users to have a Facebook account in order to play the game but can be played on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

      2. Wheel of Fortune

Love the television game show Wheel of Fortune? You can invite your family members to try their hand at it. It is easily downloadable from the app store to play on a mobile device or you can click the link above to play on your computer or laptop. Challenge them to see who can solve the puzzle first. Not only do they have the classic Wheel of Fortune they have other spin offs such as Wheel Bingo.

       3. Mario Kart

This one will bring back sweet notes of nostalgia to any 90s adult and is a classic game. Mario Kart brings out the competitive edge as you race around various tracks to stay in the lead. Dodge and sabotage your opponent to secure the win! It’s a must for a family game night! You can play this one from your mobile device by downloading the app and setting up a Nintendo Account. 

Computer Invite to Family Game Night

Schedule a time to play with a family member or even friends to add an extra layer of fun to your life. Keep in mind, these online games are fun to play while apart, but it will never compete with visiting in person. At The Terrace, family and friends can stay as a guest in residents’ apartments or can be set up with affordable guest accommodation on location at The Terrace Retirement Community in the heart of Missouri. It is perfect for seniors who wish to maintain a maximum independent lifestyle while still enjoying the company and convenience of a retirement community that provides onsite activities and tailored amenities. Contact Linette at The Terrace at 573-875-2538 today!


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