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4 Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

Where you live has a big impact on your quality of life.

The COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever and soon we’ll all be getting back to life as planned. If you’re considering your retirement living options, you’ll want to find a community that lets you thrive while also meeting your practical needs. That means plenty of social engagement and a variety of enriching activities and amenities that offer safety, comfort and convenience.

Here are some of the ways in which an independent living community like the Terrace can enhance your overall well-being.

#1: Build New Social Connections

Did you know that a healthy social life is just as important as nutrition, exercise and sleep? 

Social isolation has been linked to heart disease, depression and cognitive impairment. Seniors are at risk of experiencing loneliness when loved ones pass away or move far away, or because of limited access to transportation. 

The Terrace makes it easy to meet new friends while participating in a variety of fun activities. Watch a movie together, or partake in a friendly game of billiards, bingo or bridge. We also offer clubs that bring together residents with common interests, such as book clubs, creative writing and the Terrace Singers choir.

#2: Engage Your Mind

Intellectual stimulation is good for your mental and physical health. Learning new skills, playing games and reading can all improve memory, and reading may even reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.

The Terrace offers lots of enjoyable ways to keep those neurons lighting up. Join your friends for a fascinating educational class or lively discussion group. Discover new page-turners with our library and get some mental exercise with specially designed brain games.

#3: Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Just like all age groups, older adults need a nutrient-rich diet to reduce the risk of conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. Sometimes, a lack of reliable transportation makes it harder to purchase food, while physical limitations can make meal preparation more difficult. 

The Terrace lets you eat what you want, when you want — and you never have to cook unless you choose to! Our community boasts three onsite restaurants featuring a delicious variety of nutritious food, all prepared by a team of talented chefs. Visit our dining room to savor an elegant meal in a formal setting. Craving something a little more casual? Drop by the pub or bistro. For those who still love cooking, our apartments come equipped with stovetops, ovens and/or microwave ovens. 

Physical activity is also essential for boosting your health and well-being. Recommended exercises for seniors include aerobics, strength training and balance training to reduce the risk of falls

You’ll find many great ways to stay in shape at the Terrace. Work out in our indoor fitness center or go walking at a nearby hiking trail. You’re also invited to join us for exciting exercise classes, including Tai Chi and Senior Salsa.

#4: Enjoy Greater Convenience

Sometimes driving becomes harder or more stressful over time. That’s why the Terrace provides regular transportation to many local services, including grocery shopping, banking, worship and doctor appointments. Residents also have access to a number of onsite services, such as a sundry shop, hair salon and barbershop. For those who prefer to drive, convenient assigned parking spaces are available. 

Doing chores can start to feel more cumbersome as we get older. The Terrace takes care of routine maintenance and repairs, so you can spend more time on things you actually want to do!

Safety and security are another big priority. Apartments at the Terrace come equipped with an emergency call system, so help is just a push of a button away at all times. Our 24-hour staff provides round-the-clock monitoring to keep residents safe at all times. 

Are you exploring your own senior living options? Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions! Contact us online or give us a call at 573-875-2538.

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