Men’s Health: 5 Activities to Stay Fit and Healthy as You Age

This month, it’s all about YOU – men! We are celebrating you all month long for Men’s Health Month in the form of learning and improving ways to stay active and healthy as men age. Aging is a part of life and it is important to adjust your lifestyle choices to cater to its new needs. That means taking care of your body, which can come in many forms like keeping up with regular doctor visits, exercising your body, eating balanced meals, and staying connected with others. It could also include reevaluating how and where you currently live. 

Can you keep up with the maintenance and upkeep of a home? Would you rather spend more quality time with your community and people that share similar interests? An option to turn to is looking into an independent living community. They carry all the benefits of personal space with your own apartment but not the hard labor of mowing the yard or daily cleaning. It provides countless options to go on adventures, explore and make lasting relationships. Living in an active senior living community brings a new meaning to retiring in style for both body and mind.

1. Make Regular Visits with your Doctor

Senior man working out

At a minimum, men should be seen by their primary physician at least once a year. That is if they are feeling healthy and no other health issues occur. If an unusual illness or abnormalities arise, don’t wait around or try to ride it out – schedule a visit to be seen by a professional to learn what is going on. Men typically are less likely to reach out for help by a doctor and that delay can be costly. It’s important to listen to your body and not risk your health! 


2. Physical Activity into Your Daily Routine

Terrace Retirement senior man sitting with his dog.

Men typically go through a lot more strenuous activities as a younger adult, such as intense workouts and manual labor. While men don’t need to continue such rigorous activities, experts do encourage senior men to be as active as possible to help maintain a healthier and longer life. Incorporating activities like walking your dog or going for a thirty-minute walk can help strengthen your muscles and give you more energy. Not only does exercise help with physical health, it also aids in fighting off depression. Here is a list of exercises to include in your daily routine:

  • Walking/Jogging: Great for getting the heart rate up and maintaining muscle mass
  • Tai Chi: Helps with balance which can prevent falls
  • Resistance Bands: Strengthens muscles 
  • Yoga: Helps prevents falls and improves flexibility

3. Eat Nutritious and Delicious Meals

It’s easy to grab snacks or pre-made meals and call it good but not every day. Eating should bring joy to you and offer nutrition to your body. Men spend the majority of their youth in the workforce, raising children, helping their community, and so on. It is important to schedule time to look after their aging bodies and give them restaurant-quality, balanced meals so that their body will continue to function properly. If you live in a retirement community such as The Terrace, you get to eat carefully crafted breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that meet senior nutrition guidelines. Here you can turn eating into a fun social event while eating a healthy meal. As the body ages certain vitamins and nutrients don’t absorb as well as they once did. It’s also important to meet with your doctor to make sure you are not missing out on any important and essential vitamins.

4. Quality Sleep for Your Health

The amount of sleep you need as you age doesn’t change but often the time you fall asleep does. It is recommended for a senior man to get anywhere from seven to eight hours of quality sleep. Sleep is essential to staying healthy as it has been said to aid in lowering the risk of dementia and keeping your mental faculties intact.  It is important to develop a routine to achieve a restful night’s sleep:

  • Go to bed at the same time every day
  • Avoid screen time an hour before bed
  • Avoid food and drinks that contain caffeine in the afternoon
  • Read a good book or listen to music before bed

5. Making Connections as you get Older

Often overlooked in maintaining men’s health as they age is staying social and connected to other people. After retirement, it is easy to become isolated more but this can have a negative effect on a senior’s mental health leading to depression and anxiety. Look towards your local community to see if any activities interest you and join them. Another option to consider is a change in scenery. Start looking into an independent living community that offers the benefits of both worlds – an independent lifestyle and being a part of the senior living community! Here at The Terrace, you can take part in social activities, favorite hobbies, or just some “me-time”. Every day can be different and it’s up to you!

Take a moment this June, and every day, to celebrate all the men in our lives — fathers, sons, brothers, and friends. Encourage your loved one to make their health a priority and start the next chapter of their life. If you or a loved one is 62 years and older, consider the change to a lifestyle that fits your needs. Reach out to Linette at 573-875-2538 for more information about the Terrace – Where People Love to Live.

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