The retirement community in Missouri and it’s trends

The retirement community in Missouri is an intriguing one. Today’s seniors are very different than those of the past. The mindsets, activities, technologies and health consciousness that seniors have today are different than their predecessors. Because of these changes, markets have been forced to meet a different type of demand. This begs the question, what are some of the trends that we see among newer seniors today?

Perspective on age

More than any other generation before it, people are working longer, having more fun and viewing their golden years as a time to go on new adventures. Much of this comes from the ability to live a higher quality life. The medical industry has extended not only lifespans, but they also improved quality of life. This has allowed many seniors today to view age as truly just a number free of what stereotypes might be attached. Becoming older no longer means dealing with loss of abilities, it means having more time with less responsibilities. There is no doubt that this newfound openness about the aging process has changed and will continue to change the way we as a society think about aging.

Use of technology

When it comes to seniors and technology, many people write off the older generation. This however would be a big mistake as more and more seniors are finding their way online through social media as well as other educational programs. Whether it be through smartphones, laptops or tablets, more and more tech companies are taking seniors into account when creating new media. A Pew Research study actually shows that 67% of seniors are now online. That’s a stunning 55% increase in under 20 years (MONICA ANDERSON, 2017). This will in no doubt change and affect the way healthcare facilities as well as various industries in general operate in order to accommodate seniors.

Empowerment and independence

Seniors more than any other time before are able to connect and form independent communities. Because of some of the factors mentioned above, seniors are far more empowered than their predecessors. By establishing formal communities where they can discuss issues that concern their sole interests, they now have a stronger voice in their communities. This community now has a strength they did not have before in society. The strength lies in the fact that they’re able to gather together and understand what’s best for their community and what’s best for their particular needs without outside interference. In essence, we are treating senior citizens today the way they deserve to be treated, like adults.

Seniors are still finding love

As mentioned previously in this post one of things that seniors don’t look at today so often is their age. For the first-time seniors are looking forward towards the future and are setting goals and plans. One of those plans happens to be dating and even sometimes marriage. It is no longer uncommon for seniors to get together and formally arrange something so that they can spend the rest of their golden years together. As before mentioned technology companies are taking use of the fact that so many seniors are staying active and even creating dating sites for them. All these factors tell us a lot about seniors; that’s that no matter our age we all want community, family and togetherness at the end of the day regardless of how many years we spend on this earth.


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