Senior living facilities are key for socialization

Senior living facilities offer the opportunity for residents to socialize, but have you ever considered the impact it can have on your health?

Senior living facilities save us in more ways than one. They aren’t merely places to cater to those that are seeking independent care, but they also cater to our social needs. Humans are social beings, not designed to be alone. Socialization is in our nature and an absolute human need. The reality is that socialization affects our mental health and by extension affects us physically. Experts in the psychological field have conducted studies and found that socialization has a profound effect on health and aging.

The quality of aging

Aging is an inescapable biological fact. Until we develop a technology that can effectively slow down the aging process, there are only safeguards we can take to enhance our senior living experience. One of the most effective ways found to enhance quality of life and fight the aging process is socialization. Studies show that socializing is the key to aging successfully. Better socialization not only raises many people’s moods, but helps exercise higher cognitive function. Socialization calls on various parts of the mind to be active as well as to be engaged. Simple forms of socialization might help, however the type of social engagement that is needed to truly make a difference calls on much more.

Engagement is the key

There are many types of ways to socialize, but socialization that requires higher forms of engagement will always make the greatest impact. Socialization increases self confidence and increases a sense of purpose. Discussions revolving around politics, history and current events all help the mind work and engage others. Learning new things, exposure to new ideas and processing new information all engages parts of our mind that are vital to keeping our minds active. In an essence, it is the quality of the socialization one engages in rather than the quantity. This type of socialization is not always available in all places, particularly when you live alone. This is where senior living facilities come into play.

The value of senior living facilities

A senior living facility offers what many seniors need most at later ages, a community. A sense of belonging, friends and a community of like minded individuals often helps keep one active. Outside of these facilities, many seniors find it difficult to find these types of social opportunities. Without the social clubs, engaging activities, or community setting senior living facilities offer, many people find themselves at an older age with a barrier to the world around them. What’s more, much of the time people in senior living facilities also have access to a more diverse group of people whether it be by background or age. This diversity in terms of the socialization process ensures that there is always some type of growth on the part of seniors.

Mental health plays a very big role in the way we age and can impact us physically. Proper socialization is more than mere talking. Quality socialization calls on us to engage our mind and emotions to connect with others. It puts us in a position to challenge our views, engage others and to grow.


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