Springtime at The Terrace

Springtime is my favorite season at the Terrace Retirement Community, but I think I may have said that about Christmas, too!  Some of us enjoy strolling the paved walkways together each morning inside the Terrace courtyard and then enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards while we visit on one of the patio areas, which is surrounded by blooming trees and spring flowers.  The Bradford pears, redbuds and crabapple trees are absolutely breathtaking.  But, my favorite spot is on the patio by this lovely dogwood tree.  It reminds me of the dogwood  in my old backyard where our kids planted a similar tree in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary quite a few years ago.  My, how I hated to leave that tree behind; it actually grieved me.  You can imagine my delight when I discovered that I have this dogwood beauty blooming right outside my Terrace apartment window!  I enjoy its presence each morning and am reminded of my many blessings of such wonderful memories and great new friends.  My first spring at the Terrace is one of thankfulness and hope. I am truly blessed for making The Terrace my home.


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