Retirement Communities Benefiting from Yoga

Retirement Communities are always on the lookout for the latest health trend that their residents might be interested in. Sometimes however, it is better to look at some of the things that have worked well historically such as yoga. There are numerous sources all over the internet that speak about yoga and for good reason, it works. There are few other activities that are as engaging that can be carried out into late stages of adult life and have amazing results. Many retirement communities have formed clubs and groups around yoga, practicing sometimes multiple times throughout the day. The results are hard to argue with though.

One of the benefits that yoga brings to many is its ability to counteract bone loss. As time goes on we don’t always exercise regularly and at certain points in our lives miss out completely on activities that we might have had the energy for in our youth. By putting some pressure on bones through yoga, osteoblasts are created that help thicken and strengthen skeletal structure. The health benefits of yoga are not just limited to bones.

Some of the health benefits that come from yoga also hit the nervous system as well as the cardiovascular system. Usually to get the kind of health benefits that yoga provides to those systems, a lot of strenuous exercise is needed. Yoga however works largely by utilizing gravity towards the practitioner’s advantage. This means that far less stress is applied to joints and muscles, as well as the ability to control the level of stress that is involved.

Another obvious benefit from yoga is flexibility. Flexibility is incredibly important and unfortunately greatly underappreciated until many people reach the latter years of their life. Flexibility can increase recovery time from an injury and or medical procedure. This is not to mention that it reduces the damage our bodies take when we are hurt physically. This along with the balance it provides, makes yoga an ideal pursuit for those that are advanced in years.

As with most forms of exercise, the physical nature of yoga also affects various ailments of the mind. Not only does yoga help regulate sleep patterns over time it also improves mood, along with helping with depression and anxiety. Doing yoga just a few times a week can help improve focus and energy. With all these health benefits, it makes sense that so many retirement communities are forming yoga groups.

Much of the time the social benefits involved in yoga are not spoken about. It should be noted  that only good things can come from having a community get together to practice something that increases overall health and adds positivity in their life. It is often said that yoga is an older person’s exercise because of how well it works. For many people it feels like turning back the years and regaining some of their youth. At the end of the day, whatever personal reason anyone has for doing yoga, it is undeniable that it has become an activity that is indispensable for seniors.


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