Retirement Communities are Adopting Video Games

Retirement communities are always finding new ways to improve the experience their residents get. Paying attention to mental health doesn’t always come in the form of a pill however, but with brain games and exercises for the mind. That’s why many retirement communities are offering video games to their residents. What was once considered a child’s toy is now being recognized for being able to help maintain cognitive function. Many retirees are picking up challenging games on their own time as well, some that can be played over a console, some on a computer and other on their mobile devices. So, what are some of the games that seniors are playing today?

World of Warcraft

Set in an open world environment where users from around the world are able to engage one another, in a beautiful and engaging setting, World of Warcraft is seeing a lot of love from seniors. Although the game has been around for some time, it has been picking up popularity among many seniors. Some studies show that the game actually helps many seniors in terms of spatial ability, memory and overall focus. The nature of the game is both cognitively challenging and provides the ability to socialize with many people across the globe. Being able to interact in this type of environment might just change the way seniors interact with each other as well, as they can play in teams with their fellow residents within the retirement community. World of Warcraft is generally played on a computer desktop or laptop.

First person shooters

First person shooters may seem like something made to entice the younger generation, however senior citizens stand to benefit from first person shooter games. Whether it be titles such as “Call of Duty” or “Halo”, many of these games rely on testing a user’s reflexes as well as their reasoning abilities. Studies have shown that many first-person shooters help cognitive functions in the brain as it calls on extreme focus and concentration. Many of these games have great story lines that many might find enjoyable, not to mention the ability to play with others online should they choose to. Many first-person shooters can be played on computer, but more often than not are played on a gaming console such as X-box or a PlayStation.

Nintendo WII

Nintendo WII is perhaps the most popular gaming unit among retirement communities. Nintendo has done an excellent job in creating games that force people to engage physically. There are some games that will engage a user mentally, but many of the games focus on getting people moving. Many studies show that seniors that play WII games often times end up falling less and having more physical control throughout the rest of their lives. The Nintendo WII console is perhaps one of the best among other consoles in getting users to move their bodies. One of the most popular games among seniors in retirement communities is bowling. Other popular games include brain exercises that help keep the user’s mind active and alert. Whatever your choice maybe, games have definitely proven themselves to be a great way to keep your mind active and in peak condition.


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