Our Scholarly Seniors & Discussion Groups

Some of our current residents have asked for a better way to get to know our newer residents…we understand. Sometimes it’s hard to move into a new place; just like the first day of high school all over again. The area is big, the people are new, and the café is full of buzzing conversation and scrumptious smells. So instead of leaving our residents wandering about, we offer a stronger community and a fun way to connect to one another.

As October has came and went, and we bustled through Halloween, the feeling of something new was upon us. Thus the Terrace’s activity director Laura, created a social group, tailored for those who constantly crave excitement, knowledge and new friends, this is the group for you. Our residential research group meets weekly, choosing  new topics to discuss and learn more about. Throughout the rest of the month, resources, tools and information are given and sought after, in an effort to share something about themselves and as well as what they have learned about their chosen topics. They are able to discuss mostly their relations with one another in the surprise they have more in common than they thought, as well as their opinions of everyone else’s research.

This process opens the truth about “The Six Degrees of Separation” and more so, how we are stronger as a community the more that we know. This creates a friendly environment for team building experiences and the ability to help with memory and public speaking skills; keeping their mind sharp and their conversations anything but dull.

Last month’s topics were: Normal Aging vs Dementia, Hobbies, Crafts, Show and Tell, Antique Books, Tools and Dangerous Storms.

As residents research and discuss these topics, their knowledge increases and connections are made between one another. What might start out as curiosity of a storm, can lead into storm watching friends. So far our residents have had a blast meeting one another and learning new things, as we continue to grow these topical discussions.



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