As the leaves change and the winds grow colder, we find ourselves often cooped up too long on the couch. Although the warmth of Edie Brennan’s handmade quilts are soft and made with love, it seems impossible to get over those Winter Blues. At the Terrace we understand how odd it can be to feel different with the seasons changing, and as a result we have made it a point to create more activities to keep our residents happy and healthy! Our Activities Director, Laura, leads and assists in events and classes such as: crafts, cards and board games, exercise classes (including yoga and thai chi), puzzles, discussion groups, bible study, live entertainment, socials, movies, day trips, and Friday lunches out. These activities keep the mind sharp, the body warm and relaxed, and are the perfect recipe for a good time in. With everything going on at the Terrace, it’s hard to imagine the Winter Blues kicking in!

If you’re retired, looking for a new place to call home, and worried about the blues, come by and see us! We have everything you need and more at the Terrace, Where People Love to Live!

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