Fun Things to Do with Grandparents

6 Fun Things to Do with Grandparents

Quality time with grandparents and grandkids is simply priceless, but let’s face it – sometimes you’re stumped for ideas. Fret not! We’ve got a bag of exciting activities to keep everyone entertained on your next visit. Whether your grandparents are still in their own homes or living it up in a retirement community, there’s a treasure trove of opportunities to bond with the family. We’ve got a delightful mix of indoor and outdoor adventures to suit all tastes!

pressing collected pine needles and leaves into clay

1. Nature Stroll and Crafts

Fall ushers in the most picturesque season, perfect for a leisurely wander through the great outdoors, hand in hand with your loved ones. But wait, there’s a creative twist! Grab your grandkids and embark on a nature expedition armed with a bag and your trusty walking shoes.

Explore the retirement community or local park, reveling in the beautiful weather while giving your legs a stretch. And here’s the fun part – the grandkids take charge of collecting a medley of leaves, flowers, and seeds. Once you’re back home, the artistic possibilities are endless, from crafting pressed flower bookmarks to painting stunning portraits using your collection of natural treasures.

2. Passing on the Family Secret Recipes

Time to start a new tradition full of flour, fun, and fond memories in the making!

Baking with grandparents is not just about creating delicious treats; it’s a recipe for making heartwarming memories that last a lifetime! Learning the art of baking and cooking is perfect for both younger and adult grandchildren

Picture the kitchen filled with laughter and the sweet aroma of cookies or pies baking in the oven. It’s a delightful opportunity for grandchildren to learn the secrets of your family recipes, share stories, and experience the joy of creating.

From measuring ingredients to mixing the batter, every step becomes a shared adventure, fostering a sense of connection and tradition. The best part? You end up with delightful treats along with a plate full of new memories and family fun, all baked to perfection. So, grab those aprons, roll up your sleeves, and let the baking escapade with grandparents commence.

3. Game Day with the Family

It’s game on, folks! From timeless board games to card games and intricate puzzles, there’s something for every member of the family to savor. These friendly contests are a recipe for laughter, good-natured banter, and wholesome family connections – a perfect choice for a gloomy or chilly day. It’s also an opportunity for grandparents and grandkids to teach each other games from their own eras.

You can delve into classics like dominoes, ignite your artistic side with Pictionary, or test your luck with a round of Go Fish. With our busy lives, it’s essential to pencil in some playtime, and here are 3 Online Games for Staying Connected even when you’re apart.

Terrace residents exploring Fulton, Missouri Museum

4. Exploring Local Attractions

Unearthing local events is one of the highlights of residing in a vibrant community and is a fantastic way to bond with family. A swift Google search, a glance at the local Facebook groups, or a chat with your activities director can help you plan an outing to an outdoor concert, craft fair, art gallery, comedy show, and more. It’s all about stepping out and experiencing the areas of your community with your loved ones.

5. Painting Memories 

Painting with grandparents transforms ordinary moments into vibrant canvases of joy and creativity. Whether it’s wielding a brush to capture a scenic landscape or experimenting with abstract colors, this shared artistic venture becomes a bridge between generations. 

The easel becomes a stage for storytelling, where grandparents share the tales of their past while guiding their grandchildren in the strokes of the present. The smell of paint and the sound of laughter fill the air, creating a masterpiece of memories that reflects not only the beauty on canvas but also the bonds of love and imagination. 

Grandma and her young grandchildren playing with arts and crafts at the dining table in the kitchen.

This classic pastime is a must-try! Just chat with the activities director at your senior living retirement community, or take a spontaneous trip to the art store for paper, canvas, paints, and brushes. Tailor your painting adventure based on the age of your grandchildren. For the little ones, embrace their playful spirit with hand painting. If you’re feeling adventurous (and don’t mind a bit of mess), go ahead and try painting their little feet and let them walk their way onto the canvas.

For the older ones, dive into the world of still life. Get them involved in setting up the subject you’ll all be painting. It adds a touch of creativity and collaboration to the painting session.

Painting with grandparents is more than a creative activity; it’s a timeless journey of self-expression and connection, where every brushstroke is a stroke of shared happiness. It’s a perfect creative activity that the whole family can enjoy!

6. Volunteer Together in Your Community

Embarking on volunteer activities with grandparents is like spreading a tapestry of compassion and togetherness throughout the community. It’s a chance to bond while making a positive impact, whether it’s serving meals at a local shelter, picking up trash, or reading to children at the library.

This shared experience instills values of empathy and community engagement, creating lasting memories for both grandparents and grandchildren. Together, they become a dynamic duo, weaving threads of kindness and connection into the fabric of their shared history. Volunteer work isn’t just an activity; it’s a meaningful journey that enriches the lives of both generations, leaving an indelible mark of love and service on the hearts of all involved.

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