Benefits of Active Retirement Communities

The Terrace is proud of the activities that it offers and for good reason. Active retirement communities have a lot to offer in terms of amenities and fun and inviting atmosphere. You could have a long and happy retirement in an active senior living facility.

Common Ground

In most active retirement communities you will find a ton of people that share the same interests and ideals as you. These types of communities are great because everyone is around the same age and have lots in common. This is what makes active retirement communities feel very close knit, like a family. The best retirement communities for active adults try very hard to offer activities and amenities that are designed specifically for your age group. It makes for a great social setting and encourages you to make a lot of great friends. Socializing and doing a lot of different and fun activities is great for your physical and mental health.

Tailored for You

The top rated retirement communities are great because they are designed with you in mind.Everything within the community is accessible to you. So if later you need a walker or a wheelchair you won’t have any difficulty getting through doors or worry about steep stairs. There will usually be spacious elevators and large doorframes designed with you in mind. The games and activities are tailored to your interests and abilities. The amenities are steps away and easily accessible to you. Many top rated retirement communities have a few restaurants on the property for you to enjoy at your leisure as well. They may also have an on site gym where you’ll find other people of your age and ability to avoid feeling intimidated by the gym. Also available to you is a beautician who can cut and style your hair from the comfort of your senior living facility.


Your safety is a top priority for the best planned retirement communities. Your community is often secluded on its on perfect slice of property away from it all. Some may be gated and/or also have 24 hour staffing on the premises looking out for you and your peers. The great thing about living in a community is you have the freedom to go about as you please but there are others around such as staff and friends to make you feel more secure. That’s the kind of reassurance you can’t get by yourself in your own home.

Active retirement communities offer a lot of benefits to their residents. When researching and visiting senior living communities you might find that the best retirement communities for active adults is the right fit for you and your plans for retirement.


The Terrace is a complete retirement community, a place “where people love to live”. Visit our site and see what amenities and activities we have to offer our citizens. View our spacious living spaces and contact us at (573) 355-9146 to see if The Terrace is right for you!

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