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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Gift-giving is a common tradition during the holiday season, but what do you give the person who doesn’t need anything? Shopping for grandparents or older friends and family can be a challenge. But the act of giving is a simple way to show someone you care, so it’s time to get creative!

Tea or Coffee 

A warm drink can soothe the soul and feel like a cozy treat during the colder winter months, so give the gift of coffee or tea. A variety basket, with both caffeinated and caffeine-free options, ensures something to sip on at any time of day. Hot chocolate is another crowd-pleaser for those who have a sweet tooth. Want to take it up a notch? Consider gifting a single-serve coffee maker.

Window Bird Feeder A lady hanging up a bird feeder

Cold weather means less time spent outdoors, but a birdfeeder that mounts to a window, or is placed just outside a window can bring seasonal joy like no other. Add a bag of bird seed and a bird identification book and your gift will really take flight. 

Massage Gun

They are all the rage for good reason, people of all ages report loving their handheld massage gun. The truth is, they work wonders. With just a few minutes of use, soreness and tension melt away. Seniors often feel soreness in their muscles so this could be a great gift for your loved one.

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors 1Personalized Photo Memorabilia

A family portrait or a snapshot of a memorable moment can be a great gift, just looking at it can bring a feeling of warmth and happiness. You can put a photo on just about anything, so stick with the classic framed print or get creative and order digital photo frames, coffee mugs, large canvas prints, decorative photo albums, blankets, or even items of clothing. 

A Subscription Box

Give the gift that keeps on giving by finding a monthly subscription box for something your loved one enjoys. Need ideas? Think knitting patterns, book clubs, wine, cheese, curated Japanese snacks, or murder mystery games – there are subscription boxes for just about everything! 

Finding the Right Gift for Seniors

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It’s the thought that counts, and though this is true at any stage of life, it’s especially the case for older adults. If you are on a limited budget or are just having trouble finding a gift for the senior who already has it all, the gift of your time and energy is always appreciated. Homemade coupon books, with things like going out for a drive, baking together, or helping with a chore or errand, are always a good option. 

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