Types Of Retirement Communities In the U.S. Today

Retirement communities are changing as have the type of people that they cater to. Today’s older community is vastly different than those of the past.

Types Of Retirement Communities In The U.S. Today

If you are considering a move to another city or want to forgo home ownership responsibilities, joining a retirement community is a worthwhile option to consider. And if you think that joining a retirement community means you’ll lose the privacy of a house for an apartment, or even lose some freedom by having your day structured, put your fears aside. Today’s retirement communities are as diverse as the seniors who are entering retirement, and you will be surprised at the lifestyle options available.

Search the Internet using the term retirement community and you will find communities that offer independent or assisted living services, or continuing care. Even care homes, which offer assisted living services in a residential setting, will include retirement in their community’s name. Retirement community is a catchall term applied to communities that cater solely to seniors. However, this means that one retirement community may not be the same as another. Here are a few types of retirement communities.

First off you have Senior Apartments which are as the name says; these types of retirement communities are apartment complexes which have shared common areas, whether it is a pool, TV room or courtyard. Some senior apartments have income restrictions, which is beneficial to seniors who are living on a fixed income. There may also be an age restriction; Some places say their residents must be 61+ or 55+ and disabled. Maintenance and grounds keeping are handled by maintenance staff. These communities typically do not offer any services, such as scheduled transportation, or have on-site amenities such as a beauty salon. Community life is often not structured; there may be activities arranged by the community managers, but otherwise residents are left to fill their own days and make friends. As residents age, they may bring in home health agencies to provide assistance with activities of daily living.

Also there are 55+ communities. When a community is described as 55+, it means the residents must be 55 or older. All these are retirement communities, but not all retirement communities are 55+. The housing options available at 55+ communities vary, with some communities featuring free-standing homes, which may be purchased or rented, or apartments. Just as with senior apartments, there are common areas that may be used by the residents, and community activities may be arranged by the managers or residents.

The term “independent living” is perhaps the most confusing when searching for a retirement community, because in the case of retirement communities independent living means residents are physically able to care for themselves but want a respite from responsibilities such as meal preparation, driving or housekeeping. These services are usually included in the monthly fee and residents are unable to opt out. No healthcare services or assistance with activities of daily living are provided, through residents may have the option of having a home health agency provide these services.

Then there are continuing care communities which are full-service retirement communities that offer a complete lifestyle package for their residents and frequently cite the perk of “aging in place” as a benefit of joining such a community. on continuing care community’s expansive campuses, a variety of housing options are available, from free-standing cottages to apartments. They also provide a range of services including meal service, scheduled transportation and housekeeping and laundry. Health Care services include assistance with activities of daily living to memory care and skilled nursing services. A sense of community among residents is facilitated by an activity director who schedules daily activities. There are also many community amenities available to the residents, such as movie theaters, bistros, hobby rooms and on-site beauty salons.

So fear not, life is grand and the sun will still shine tomorrow. Choosing where to retire is now an adventure in itself like choosing which grand hotel you will spend your remaining years or decades. With expansive amenities and independent living structures and like-minded neighbors you can truthfully, say the best is yet to come.



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