Terrace Transportation

Terrace Transportation

Giving up my car was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  To me, it meant the loss of my independence.  My kids had been pushing me to hand over the keys since my fender bender a while back, but I kept resisting even though my little accident did rattle my nerves.  It was one of the factors in my decision to move to The Terrace Retirement Community.  When I saw a group of residents laughing and talking as they got off the Terrace bus as they returned from a trip to see the new store, Lucky’s, I knew that I’d found the key to my independence again!  When I looked at the transportation schedule, I saw rides listed to the doctor, shopping, a weekly local afternoon trip, bank visits, Friday “Out To Lunch or a Movie” and even to local church services on Sunday morning! I realized then that this Senior apartment community meets many of my needs.  I felt like I had struck gold!

Since I’ve moved into The Terrace, I’ve sold my car.  What I’d previously spent on insurance, taxes, gas, and car upkeep has now gone into my FUN money account. Look out mid-MO! Now that I have some extra jingle in my pockets, I am ready to kick up my heels! The best part is that I now can lean back in the bus seat, visit with a new friend or even take a quick nap, and leave the driving responsibilities to the Terrace driver, John!

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