Terrace Residents Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

Terrace Residents Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November is the Native American Heritage month celebrated in the USA as established by the 1990 bill signed by President George H.W. Bush. This was a landmark bill honoring America’s Tribal people. According to Wikipedia, “this commemorative month aims to provide a platform for Native people in the United States of America to share their culture, traditions, music, crafts, dance, and ways and concepts of life. This gives Native people the opportunity to express to their community, both city, county and state officials their concerns and solutions for building bridges of understanding and friendship in their local area.”

The Terrace celebrated the culture of the Original Americans by hosting a wonderful, fun presentation by Lakota elder Kelly Looking Horse and his wife, Susie. Kelly spoke to Terrace residents about the Lakota culture and life on Pine Ridge reservation. He is a respected guide for the Wounded Knee Massacre cemetery, so he spoke with great passion and sadness about the murder of close to 300 Lakota with nearly half of those being women and children on December 29, 1890. He brought his large ceremonial handmade drum and sang some native songs and then invited members in the audience to come forward and join him to beat and chant around the drum. He and Susie guided the group in making dreamcatchers and then displayed some of their handmade native crafts. The Terrace residents enjoyed their interaction with Kelly and Susie and gained a new perspective on Native Americans. It was a good way to begin the Thanksgiving season with new Native friends.

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