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4 Ways to Spend Memorial Day Weekend

The last Monday in May is reserved for respecting, saluting, and honoring all veterans of the military. Memorial Day 2022 falls on May 30th and is a very important holiday for The United States. Ever since 1968, it has been a time to not only mourn those in the military that have fallen but celebrate the achievements of their lives.  

Flags for Memorial Day

Unlike Veterans Day, Memorial Day is specifically for those who have fallen. Many people visitgravesites or spend time with their families, remembering those who had served and those who had paved the way for living soldiers today. 

Spend the extended weekend in a way that matters to you. There are many ways you can celebrate Memorial Day with friends and family. From taking a small trip to simply learning the history that the day brings, there’s something for everyone to do.   

Attend or Plan an Event 

During Memorial Day, a lot of people celebrate with their family, friends, and neighbors. Many communities will often have events going on during the weekend. There are plenty of events you can attend. A simple way to celebrate is to have a family BBQ and enjoy the spring weather. Inviting others to join or wanting to spend time with immediate family members are both great options. Whether you’re playing games or taking the time to respect those you know who have fallen, being around family can be one of the best ways to spend the special day.  

Relaxing Vacation Time 

Spending Time with familySince Memorial Day is a national holiday, it is observed by most workplaces, therefore making it a great time to spend a small vacation somewhere. You can enjoy the extended weekend with family or friends and allow yourself to relax. Being able to turn your focus away from the stress of everyday life, even for a moment, can be both healthy for your mind and healthy for your relationships with others.  

Become History Learners 

Living near the capital of your city or the capital of The United States is perfect for this time of year. Not only can going to The Capital be a nice way to spend your Memorial Day but it can also be quite educational. There are various museums about military services and many gravesites to visit for fallen veterans. Learning the history behind Memorial Day and why it’s so important can be a great experience for all ages. Whether your children are learning about it for the first time, or you simply want to know more about the day, taking a trip to The Captial is a perfect way to spend the day.  

Local Community Volunteering  

While some people spend their Memorial Day with family and friends, others like to spend it withFlowers for Memorial Day their community. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the people around you and a great way to respect fallen veterans. Many cities show their love for veterans by throwing an event or parade during the day. One way to help your community is to volunteer during these events and parades. Another wonderful way is to place flowers or flags for those who have fallen at their gravesite or at the homes of their families. 

Whichever way you decide to spend your Memorial Day, it’s important to remember what the day represents and the reason we celebrate it. The day is not only for celebration but is about respecting and honoring those veterans of the military who have left us.

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