A group of five seniors enjoying a snack and enjoying the out doors.

Enjoying Your Life in an Independent Living Community

Are you ready to live the lifestyle you want? No more home maintenance, keeping up with the daily cleaning, or struggling to keep up with yard care year after year. All that can end up being costly, let alone stressful. What you need is a home that offers you the freedom to do what you want when you want. You need an independent living community

Independent living opens up many options. Experiencing this new chapter of life helps build a sense of community among your peers along with creating new and lasting adult friendships. An independent living community, like the Terrace, is for those who do not need assistance with activities of daily living. The Terrace community includes a variety of activities, services and clubs that make life more fun and more convenient.

The Terrace Retirement Community is one of Columbia, MO best independent living community. Independent Living Activities

Whether you like staying physically active every day or exercising your mind and mental health, living an independent lifestyle aids you in making it happen. Residents at the Terrace take full advantage of daily exercise classes ranging from Tai Chi classes, senior Salsa Dancing, to yoga and so much more! Or they can simply enjoy a peaceful walk in the courtyard or pamper themselves to a spa day to get their hair and nails done. The best part is that you can do it in the comfort of your new community. There is something new to experience each day. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy Columbia, MO and other cities in Missouri. Easily schedule transportation for a fun shopping day at the Columbia Mall or schedule your personal appointments and be dropped off at the door. 

Join a New Club Two ladies enjoying a good book at the Terrace Library,

There are many health benefits to staying active as you age. Relaxing our bodies and choosing a laid back lifestyle can stretch our creative side as we enjoy conversation and make new friends. Living in a retirement community allows you to make friends easily and join in on new clubs and hobbies. 

There’s literally something for everyone. A favorite book can be shared and discussed in depth with members of the Terrace Book Club. Humming a song stuck in your head? Join The Terrace Singers. Share in what makes us human and brings joy to your life! 

Whether it’s taking up a new activity or continuing a lifelong practice, socializing and indulging in your social life is essential for your cognitive and physical health.

The Terrace Art Studio offers classes for every level of artist. The art gallery displays the artwork from residents for all to enjoy. Psychological and well-being are some of the benefits of participating in an art activity. Art can decrease depression and anxiety in the senior population. It’s fun to gather with your friends and enjoy creating something new for your apartment or a gift to give away to your family and friends. 

Convenient Services and Amenities

Living in an independent living community residents eliminate the never-ending maintenance of their own homes all while gaining a stress-free environment, supportive residential setting, engaging community life, accommodations, delicious on-site restaurants and their own apartment

There are a variety of apartment sizes and floor plans to choose from, to find the perfect fit for you. You can even customize your private living space with your own furniture to make it feel like home. Did we mention you can bring your furry friend to join you on the new chapter of your life? The Terrace Retirement Community welcomes its residents to bring their pets along with them. 

It’s every adult’s dream to have someone else take care of the repairs, yard work, cooking, and daily housekeeping and now you can make it a reality. If you or a loved one are interested in starting the journey to living an independent lifestyle, reach out to Linette at 573-875-2538. Where people love to live. 

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