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Falling In Love with Fall Fashion

Couple walkingThe turning of the warm summer weather to a cool fall breeze also means it’s time to make a wardrobe change. For both men and women, keeping up with fashion trends can be exhausting, but if you find the right colors, patterns, and style, it can be as easy as putting on a coat. Staying warm has never looked better.

Have fun with your fashion choices. At any age, shopping for new styles that compliment your personality can be a lot of fun. Shop with your friends and make the experience a seasonal event. When choosing a new outfit, look for colors and styles that compliment your skin, body shape, hair color, comfort level, and personality. It’s important to know your body shape and what styles look best on you. Finding the perfect way to highlight your best features can be an enjoyable experience. One new fall piece of clothing can make you feel and look younger.


Mature Women’s Fall Fashion

Retro Is Back

When it comes to colors and patterns in 2021, bold is at the top of the list. A lot of fall clothes come in earthy colors like brown and gold. Build on the foundation colors and add a pop of color with the trending bold reds and scarlets oranges. You can never go wrong with the brighter colors of fall, plus, red will always be a staple color of the season. Going along with the bright colors are bold and elaborate patterns. Vintage patterns, like floral or patterns from the 70s, are making a comeback. Another trend on the rise for fall and winter is embroidery. Both embroidered as patterns or added as an accent, embroidery adds a touch of soft warmth to any ensemble. 

A texture like velvet is a classic that can never go wrong. It’s warm, soft, and looks classy. Velvet can be dressed up with slacks or a skirt but can also be dressed down with jeans, and still maintain its elegance. Another rich texture that is rising in popularity, along with the vintage patterns, are ruffles and lace. Both ruffles and lace can be worn on the collar, sleeves, or skirts. It’s an easy style that adds femininity to your look. 

Add Dimension 

Another great thing to liven up your style this fall, rather than spending time and money on getting a whole new wardrobe, you can invest in accessories. And, if you’ve already got something that works, why waste any time on finding something new. Accessories are the best way to really show your personality through your style. Scarves, jewelry, and hats can be a great way to change your outfit. Similar to vintage patterns coming into fashion, retro hats like the cloche or beret are both in style this season. 

Mature Men’s Fall Fashion

Classics That Will Never Fade


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Standing out and making an impression can be hard, but choosing a classic style like the never-fading suit jacket can make your ensemble timeless. Bold patterns like plaid and stripes can make you stand out while still adding elegance to your look. Rather than pairing with jeans, try comfortable cotton trousers instead. This style is very versatile and can be dressed down or styled up for any occasion.

This Fall, cardigans and fitted sweaters are a great casual look, for when the classic suit is a little too formal. These are a staple to have, keeping you warm during cold weather and can be styled not only casual but formal as well. Another way to stay warm during the fall is a knee length trench coat. Suave and adaptable, a smart trench coat can go with almost anything. 

Adding a Touch of Personality

Making what you wear not only relevant to today’s fashion but reminiscent of your own personal touch can be an artform in and of itself. Adding accessories like classic fedoras or straw hats can make a statement without much effort. Another additive can be colored leather gloves. Something simple like adding a pop of color can bring a whole ensemble together. And when it comes to choosing something to set off your staple style, leather shoes are what any well dressed man needs. They are perfect for the changing seasons and durable during the fall and winter weather.

Styles for Everyone

Layer Up This Season

When it comes to the changing of the weather, it’s always important to stay warm. Whether that means layering up or buying a new jacket. Layers are the best and easiest way to keep warm and they can be a fun way to freshen up your style. Utilizing jackets, scarves, sweaters, and vests is a great way to mix and match. When it comes to buying jackets, invest your money into something that will keep you warm for years to come. Spend your money on buying a quality coat or jacket rather than staying on the safe side and buying cheap. Purchasing a quality coat or jacket in a classic style will be appropriate to wear for many years in the future.

Fall has always been the season of change, and with change comes new and exciting styles for both men and women. If you’re a senior, you should be looking at bold colors and loud patterns this year, but remember to highlight and find what works best for you and your personal style.

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