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Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month! At the beginning of the month on March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day, and now it’s a time to continue to celebrate and respect the hard work women do, not only around you but in your community as well.

It is important to recognize the worth of women today and throughout history. There are many ways to celebrate and appreciate women. Whether it’s a mother, daughter, wife, friend, or inspiration, this is a great time of year to find ways to show you value them.  

Celebrate the Women in your Life

women celebratingMothers

When it comes to appreciating your mother, gifts can be a great way to show them you adore them. However, Mother’s Day is usually saved for gift giving. Instead, let them know how much you value their time and effort as a mother in a meaningful way. Help around the house or spend quality time with them. What better way to show you care than to be there for them in significant everyday ways.

Daughters & Granddaughters

Those of us who have lovely daughters and granddaughters in our lives know that we only want to give them the best in life. A great way to show your love is by reading books, stories, or blogs that are written by women for women. Learn together about the empowering women in history as well as the women in your town or community. Showing them examples of strong, successful female figures they can look up to is a great way to learn about history and build a trusting relationship with them. 

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Similar to treasuring your mother, getting gifts for your wife can be an easy way to show them how much you value them. Another great thing you can do is help with their to-do list. Make the chores around the house and throughout their day dwindle to be easy to manage and stress-free. Helping not only shows them your love and appreciation for everything they do but also gives them the free time to focus on themselves, even if for a few moments.


Having fun in the company of your female friends is already a great start to acknowledging their value to your life. Enjoying media like movies, music, and theater performances that are created by women or about women is a perfect way to recognize the power and knowledge women can have. Revel in your friend’s company and learn from them or have them teach you things about their life. 

Self Care

There are few days that a woman is able to stop and acknowledge the endless success of their life. Take this time and make it a self-care day. This can be in many forms like spa treatments or simply resting from the many stresses of life. Try not to worry about things and let yourself pause, if not for the day then for a moment of your time. 

The Terrace women residents laughingThe Women of The Terrace

Here at The Terrace, we have many women to celebrate. We want to show our love and support for the wonderful women here. Some of the women here are retired nurses, educators, musicians, business owners, domestic engineers, military veterans, postal workers, administrators, or government officials. All of these women and more have put in so much dedication to those around them and it’s only fitting to really show appreciation for all that they have accomplished during their lives. 

Celebrate the Women throughout History

The role of women throughout history is something that can not be ignored and something that should be celebrated. Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on women’s contributions to culture, history, and society. This became a national holiday in 1981 and has been growing in participation and observance ever since. There are many ways you can learn about successful and important women in history. The best place to start is womenshistorymonth.gov where there is plenty of historical information to become enthralled in. This is a time to really appreciate and give respect to the hard work of women. Acknowledge their worth in not only their own life but in yours as well. Whether you have someone you know in your life that needs appreciation or you yourself need a little TLC, it’s a month that everyone can celebrate and take part in. 

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“You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down”Women celebrating women

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