Some individuals actually count the days until September 22nd, the official start of autumn. This is true for many of the residents at The Terrace. Some are avid baseball or football fans who love to watch the World Series or a Mizzou football game in our pub while enjoying a delicious Terrace pizza. Many enjoy our weekly drives out into the colorful Boone County countryside. Last week a large group rode up into the Amish area and had fun shopping at the farmer’s markets and watching the men harvesting in the fields. The Terrace also celebrates various fall events by serving special seasonal food like the Oktoberfest when a delicious, authentic German meal was served. The aroma of the strudel fresh out of the oven floated throughout the lobby and made everyone hungry for dinner. The common areas are decorated with colorful scarecrows, pumpkins and ears of corn. Soon witches, goblins and fake spider webs will set the stage for the Halloween festivities. On the 31st we will have a Terrace Haunted House, creepy games with devilish prizes and a Halloween costume contest. There will be offered interesting menu choices for dinner that night, such as Bat Wings, Frankenstein’s Mummy Meatloaf Head served on a platter and Frog Egg Pudding…oh yum!! October at the Terrace is full of fun events, great food and laughter.

We each have our favorite season and special reasons for our preferences. If autumn is YOUR season, be aware that there are some mental, physical and social changes that occur to one’s body that are attributed to fall, according to the Bustle website. For some people the dropping temperatures causes blood vessels to constrict to conserve heat, which may result in a small rise in blood pressure. Other people experience “Hypersomnia” which results in many sleeping 2.7 hours more per day in October than the other eleven months. But often this is not “quality sleep,” so the individual feels consistently sleepy. The shorter days with less exposure to sunlight help to disrupt sleep rhythms and our moods. Fall is also the time people like to socialize on the phone once daylight savings time starts and the nights get longer. If that is a person’s habit, he/she is encouraged to keep a glass of water close by. We are more likely to get dehydrated as the weather cools down. Remember that diuretic drinks like coffee and tea can cause additional dehydration. Studies have shown that one’s memory improves at the end of autumn as well as our concentration and productivity! Autumn is also a time when illnesses often appear. Flu shots are offered here on an advertised date when the Health Dept visits with vaccines. Also, The Terrace constantly provides exercise classes and encourages walking. If the weather does not favor walking outside, many residents walk each hallway inside the building, which will add up to over one mile.  So, if anyone is reading this with sticky fingers from a caramel apple along with a pumpkin spice latte moustache on one’s upper lip, then it is clear that he/she favors fall with all its many flavors! Autumn is a favorite season here at the Terrace!

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